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While IUPHAR has a range of activities to promote the development and interests of basic and clinical pharmacology internationally, a major function is to organize World Congresses of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology which are currently held every four years. At the July 2010 meeting of the IUPHAR Executive Committee in Copenhagen, an ad hoc committee was created to propose strategies for increasing the exposure of young pharmacologists to basic and clinical pharmacology through more frequent IUPHAR sponsored conferences. 
The ad hoc committee recommended maintaining World Congresses every four years in addition to organizing smaller, more focused, regional conferences in between World Congresses. No more than three Regional Focused Conferences should be organized between the World Congresses, e.g., a maximum of one Regional Focused Conference per calendar year. The primary goal of the smaller, more focused, regional conferences is to promote basic and clinical pharmacology and the secondary goal is to increase the visibility of IUPHAR. The organization of regional conferences should not entail costs to IUPHAR.
The conferences will have a regional focus involving national pharmacology societies from three or more countries, preferably contiguous, and a theme or focus on a basic or clinical pharmacology or therapeutic area of particular interest or importance to the region.
Projected attendance at a Regional Focused Conference should be a minimum of a hundred registrants. Organisers should consider using a university setting to reduce costs.  A regional Focused Conference should typically include plenary lectures and symposia with priority should be given to oral presentations by local scientists and clinical pharmacologists.  An early career investigator competition is encouraged to draw trainees and young investigators.
The aim is to encourage jointly organized conferences where there have been few or no regional scale meetings in the past.  The conference hosts must be three or more national societies within the same geographical region. Potential hosts may be self-nominated or invited to apply by an officer of the IUPHAR Division / Sections / Committees.  Member societies with unpaid dues of two or more years are ineligible to submit a proposal.
Proposal Requirements
Proposals may not exceed five total pages.  Each of the following categories must be addressed for a proposal to receive consideration:
1. Title
i) Format the proposal title as “Focused IUPHAR Conference on Topic/Theme, Venue and Date”. 

ii) Select a specific topic or theme to be promoted during the meeting, e.g., inflammation, pain, cardiovascular disorders, etc. 

iii) Indicate the projected dates for the Regional Focused Conference. When choosing dates, please visit IUPHAR Member Society Meetings to minimize conflicts with major meetings of other IUPHAR member societies and affiliates. 

2. Program
i) Provide an overview of the envisioned programme. 
ii) State why the topic/theme is appropriate for IUPHAR sponsorship. 
iii) If applicable to the proposed topic/theme, describe how the programme will cater to the interests of both basic and clinical pharmacologists. For topics/themes specific to only basic or clinical pharmacology, the potential hosts are encouraged to identify creative ways to introduce at least some elements of the full spectrum of pharmacology. 
iv) Describe how hosting a Regional Focused Conference will benefit local pharmacologists and students. As appropriate to the selected topic/theme, IUPHAR encourages the organizers to collaborate with the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, the Sections / Subcommittees and/or other IUPHAR member societies.
3. Participants and Attendees
i) To the extent possible, describe likely participants and the targeted audience for the topic/theme.  If individuals have already agreed to serve as speakers, please list their names, institutions and anticipated presentation titles.
4. Other Possible Sponsors
i) Describe other potential sponsors of the proposed conference. 
ii) State whether each sponsor has already agreed or will be approached if the proposal is approved. 
IUPHAR does not permit the endorsement of products or services offered by corporate sponsors. Where feasible, partnering with not-for-profit organizations is preferred. 
5. Budget
It is the responsibility of the potential host to set a realistic budget taking into account local conditions. IUPHAR can provide a loan up to US$10,000, which is to be repaid within three months after the Regional Focused Conference. The cost of hiring an external auditor to review the final accounting report and receipts must be factored into the expenses. Any resulting profit or loss is equally distributed to the member societies involved in the organization of the conference. 
It is recommended to pay speakers a fixed sum towards their travel, accommodation and meal expenses. If a registration fee is charged, IUPHAR requires that students pay a significantly reduced amount. The Regional Focused Conferences will be marketed via a link on the front page of the IUPHAR official website and on the website of the organizing member societies, and by e-mail to individual members via the member societies of IUPHAR. If timing allows, an announcement about the upcoming Regional Focused Conference will be published in an issue of Pharmacology International.
The projected budget must include: 
i) a section itemizing likely income sources and amounts based on best case and worst case estimates of registrants, 
ii) a section itemizing likely expense types and amounts,  
iii) a net outcome for the best case and worst case scenarios
iv) a description of ideas and efforts to secure additional sources of funding or income. 
Nontraditional strategies for generating funding or income are encouraged. As a reminder, programme and banner advertizements may not contain an endorsement by the organizers of products or services offered by for-profit organisations. Information about arranging Continuing Medical Education credit for clinicians can be obtained at http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/education-careers/continuing-medical-education/physicians-recognition-award-credit-system/other-ways-earn-ama-pra-category/international-programs/international-conference-recognition-program.page?.
Selection Process
Since the Regional Focused Conferences aim to promote basic and clinical pharmacology, preference will be given to potential hosts from regions where pharmacology needs to be developed. 
The selection of the host will be conducted by the ad hoc committee, based on a thorough feasibility study of the proposed programme, the potential attendance, the probability for success, and the topic of the conference. Applicants will receive within 60 days after the proposal deadline an e-mailed notification about the outcome of their proposal.
Next Steps for Approved Hosts
Within three months of approval notification:
The selected hosting member societies will appoint a committee of six members (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Scientific Program, plus two members appointed by IUPHAR) responsible for the organization of the Regional Focused Conference and for the scientific programme. The committee will have regular contact by email/teleconferences to ensure the progress of the organization of the conference. 
If the hosting member societies need a loan to organize the conference, IUPHAR officers will draft a contract to be signed by the treasurer on behalf of IUPHAR, by the treasurer of the hosting member societies and the chairman of the local scientific/organizing committee.
The logo of IUPHAR, the logo of the hosting member societies, and the official title of the conference should be included in the electronic letterhead, the poster advertizing the conference, and any other promotional material.
Within three months after the conclusion of the Regional Focused Conference:
If a loan were issued to the hosting member societies, the repayment must be bank transferred to IUPHAR regardless of the net profit/loss incurred by the Regional Focused Conference.  The IUPHAR treasurer will provide bank details for this purpose.
Within six months after the conclusion of the Regional Focused Conference:
The hosting member societies must submit to the IUPHAR Administrative Office a final accounting report of the Regional Focused Conference.  
By whichever occurs soonest after the conclusion of the conference - June 1st or November 1st, the hosting member society must submit a meeting report, including photographs, for publication in the July or December issue of Pharmacology International. Appointing a meeting scribe prior to the Regional Focused Conference to take notes and photographs is highly advisable.
Please direct any questions to the IUPHAR Administrative Office.
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